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Structural Engineering Services

Nayak, Nayaks & Associates has acquired specialization in offering unbeatable Structural Engineering Services to the clients. Structural Engineering Services involves steps like Structural Drawing, Structural Load Calculation, Green Building Designing and Steel Fabrication Drawing. All the steps involved here are aim towards making the building strong and long lasting. Our team of structural engineers is committed towards erecting buildings of international standard with all the basic amenities available. Scientific analysis is done for the every step of structural designing. The followings are the lay out structures that our experts undertake while executing structural engineering services:

  1. Preparing structural drawing such as:
    • Foundation plans
    • Framing Plans
    • Lintel Plans
    • Roofs Plans
    • Beams and stair case design
  2. Calculating structural loads
  3. Steel fabrication drawings

The steps involved in structural engineering services:
  1. Understanding geometrical configuration of the structure based on the architectural drawings
    • Plan & Vertical Regularity
    • No. of floors
    • Storey height
    • Sizes of Column & Beam and its location
  2. Fixing the design parameters, based on
    • Purpose
    • Location (Seismic Zone)
    • Bearing Capacity & Type of the Soil
    • Grade of Concrete & Steel
    • Loads
  3. Ensure unit consistency
  4. Conceptualize the entire project and prepare a grid
  5. Modify the sizes & location of columns for preliminary analysis & design, if required.


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